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AdHang – Media Marketing Agency in Nigeria

New media marketing agency in Nigeria AdHang is a solution to all kinds of new media marketing in Nigeria- from planning, campaign creation to execution. AdHang identifies where companies are leaking new media opportunities and help fix them. Businesses around the globe get their Nigerian new media problems solved by Whether your budget is for a simple new media promotion, or going viral, AdHang has you covered.

As the leading New Media marketing agency in Nigeria AdHang can help your business reach a lot of buyers not just in Nigeria but across Africa. There are numerous ways AdHang can help your business, but is important to mention here that AdHang does not serve only businesses, the agency can help public figures to attract supporters, and followers; event organizers to promote event, and institutions such as school, government and church to create awareness, and influence the masses, etc.

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Using 10+ years experience in new media marketing, AdHang when hired will assist in online media planning, viral marketing, ads headline writing, social media marketing and fanpage designing, video promotion and web video production, etc. There are numerous objectives AdHang can help your business to achieve, such as creating awareness, enlightening the target customers, increasing sales, and reinforcement of advertising messages (in case you have ads going on TV, Radio, Newspaper, etc).

Every new media marketing campaign by AdHang is done by professionals across the globe with decades of experience in reaching and engaging the public and achieving given objectives and goals quicker and easier. For complete approach and how to hire AdHang, please contact us.