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Bulk SMS Business in Nigeria

Neolithsms is one of the leading mobile bulk SMS service providers of the 21st century.

At Neolithsms, we take the responsibility of ensuring that you reach and establish a good relationship between you and your customers/audience thereby making life more easy and comfortable.

What makes us different from other people is that we are not only interested in selling and doing business with you, rather we are so much interested in giving you value and satisfaction and we also give you any kind of attention you may need from us.

With Neolithsms, there is nothing like undelivered text message because we are using the latest version of the software which is very reliable and our API is also very reliable. You text message get delivered to the number(s) within 5 seconds

Are you too busy to manage your Bulk SMS account?

why not delegate those minor activity to us and dedicate your time to the major things by making use of our Eason Bulk SMS service.

Our Eason service is specially design for:

1. Those who only make use of Bulk SMS services occassionally to convey information to their customer/audience

2. Those who do not know how to make use of the Bulk SMS service platform

3. Those who do not have enough time to manage their Bulk SMS service account

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