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Vkleather Products is an online business platform that deals in the production, sale and speedy delivery of bespoke leather footwear & accessories. A few of our products include Shoes, Sandals, Slippers of different types,sizes and colours as well as wristwatches, belts, wallets, pouches and many more. Customers can make custom-made orders on our different products based on their unique preferences. Our products are all Proudly Nigerian and confidently rivals many designer brands around the world.

Leather Shoes Leather Sandals Leather Slippers Wallets Belts Suede Velvet Brogues Loafers Monk Strap Formal Dress Shoes Casual Shoes Tassels Half Shoes Cap Toe Open Lacing Patterned Shoes Handmade Close Lacing Oxford Shoes Derby Shoes Wristwatches Genuine Leather Men Men’s Male Black Brown Leather Soles Chequebook Holder Passport Holder Chelsea Boots Fashion Latest Long Wing
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