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Purpose of an Online Business Directory Websites

In today’s world, the internet technology have revolutionize the way in which many businesses operates. In the past, Business Directory are heavy, bulky book containing the list of either local businesses around us or international businesses. With the advancement on the internet technology, the old fashion technology are becoming obsolete. Online business directory is now an important part of the internet.

What is an Online Business Directory?

A Business directory is a website or printed list of businesses that are listed in a unique fashion called categories. These categories makes it easier to find the kind of business of a particular sector. These businesses can be organized into categories of business, specialty (location) activity, and/or size of organization.

What is the purpose of a Business Directory?

Listing your website with online business directories have various advantages. Check out some of the benefits of getting included in a business directory

  • Business Directory give you the kind of targeted traffics that is specifically for the your business;
  • They give you quality inbound links. These inbound links are useful in search engine ranking. The more quality inbound links you have for your website, the better the search engines like google will rank your site above other websites.
  • Relevance – Results on directories are accurate and relevant.
  • The directory target more local businesses around you and give more online presence.

How to use a Business Directory:

Directories either local or international or hard copy on paper or online (internet) are extremely useful tools for business owners to take to use and take advantage of to gain popularity and make profit. They are like cars; if you don’t know how to drive the car, it will not take you anywhere.

Similarly, a Business Directory not help you and/or your business if you don’t know how to use effectively to your advantages. To use it more effectively, there are few things you can do and the are as follows –

  • If a directory has a registration form, please register. why is this good? it is good because you will be able to have unlimited access to latest information that is available in your sector of business;
  • Introduction – by introducing your company, many of the users will find it easy know more about your organisation. This is a very important point to take into consideration because the first thing customers see is this and it will be your company introduction that will catch their attention;
  • Create a good profile of your organisation – this let users knows who they are dealing with;
  • The most important of it all is description. Describing in details about your organisation is a vital selling point. No one will buy from you if they do not know what you are offering.

Difference between a Directory and a Search Engine:

– Business Directory:

  • More detailed and relevant information about a company, organization and/or keyword result;
  • More targeted to local business organization;
  • Improve business website ranking in searches;
  • Good directories are well structured and organized into categories;
  • Well structures directories are easy to navigate and brings out relevant searches.

– Search Engines:

  • All result on keyword comes up in searches (relevant or irrelevant);
  • Search engines something brings out irrelevant results on the front page when people are searching;
  • They are keywords driven – i.e any website that have relevant keywords may be ranked higher that most relevant websites;
  • Search engines rank on inbound links not relevant – Search Engine Optimization (SEO);
  • Search Engines are more widely use when it comes to business searches.

If you will like to add your website to a Business Directory, You can submit your website to Nigeria Business Directory. This is a Free services.

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